Walkinstown Clutch Replacement & Gearbox Repair Center

DSG / Semi Auto

DSG , AUTOMATIC & SEMI AUTO , have become particularly a common feature in many GERMAN vehicles in recent years , and indeed as many car owners have established can be quiet expensive to rectify . 

Each week an increasing number of customers contact us with problems with DSG transmission gearboxes , some time back we invested in the equipment and technology we required for the repair of the DSG gearbox in every model , glad we did, all our gearbox technicians are as conversant with the DSG and AUTO as the run of the mill ordinary manual transmission,  as many will be aware the cost of repairs to these gearboxes can be disturbing , we offer a repair service for the DSG box which comes in at approximately half of main dealer figure and considerably less than any rival gearbox specialist throughout IRELAND. 

If you have issues or queries in regards to AUTO or SEMI auto it might be prudent to make the contact with us, if a call out to diagnose the problem is required ? we do not charge once the location is of reasonable distance from us , that facility is applicable 6 days a week.

Please feel free to contact us at any stage.