Walkinstown Clutch Replacement & Gearbox Repair Center

Trade / Fleet Servcies

Our business revolves around the replacement and repair of gearboxes and fitting clutches to every model or type of motor vehicle including commercial vehicles. Our company is well established in the region. We relocated to our present address 8 years ago. We have recently acquired another premises to complement our present establishment. Our intention is to sell and market what we do which may be of relevance to companies like yours. 

Our operation is based on using original quality motor components with a very quick efficient turnaround. Standard run of the mill vehicles take minimal time. Our business hours are 6.30am to 6.00pm, 6 days a week. Telephone contact and queries is 7 days a week.

A large portion of our business is derived from motor companies and we implement acceptable and reasonable charges to match, which we can provide for a large company like yours.

Please feel free to contact us at any stage regarding your business needs.